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Navigator Rand McNally - OverDryve

Navigator Rand McNally — OverDryve
Navigator Rand McNally — OverDryve
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Артикул : gps1

Цена: 23 000 ₽
23 000 ₽
Итого: 0 ₽
Make driving routines more enjoyable with this OverDryve car system. Its voice assistant capabilities let you read and send text messages by command and also play music in your car without taking your hands off the wheel. The built-in dash cam of this OverDryve car system lets you record trips and capture every moment on the road.

7" screen with 1280 x 800 resolution Clear, bright resolution for watching movies, surfing the Web, reading books, and more. 32GB internal storage Store your software, apps, music, movies, photos, and more. Quad-core processor The right combination of fast performance and power efficiency. It allows rapid multitasking, delivers smooth response and unleashes stunning graphics. Dual cameras for photos and face-to-face chat 5MP rear camera and 2MP front camera.
Производитель : Rand McNally
Вес : 167.00g
Разрешение экрана : 1280x800
Размер экрана : 7,0 inches
Кол-во цветов : 23 million
Частота процессора : 1.2 Gz
Кол-во ядер : 2
Объем памяти : 32Gb
Карта памяти : Micro SD
Длина : 7.1 inches
Ширина : 4.5 inches
Толщина : 0.6 inches

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