Digital cameras

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Camera Canon - EOS T6 DSLR

39 500 ₽
Gadgets ▶ Digital cameras
Expect more from your photography with this Canon Rebel T6 DSLR camera kit. It includes an 18-55mm lens and a 75-300mm lens so that you can cover the full range with your camera. An 18-megapixel sensor, DIGIC 4+ image processing and full 1080p video recording ensure you get solid performance out of this Canon Rebel T6 DSLR camera kit.

Camera Nikon - D3400 DSLR

46 000 ₽
Gadgets ▶ Digital cameras
Digital Camera Olympus SZ-10 - this is the compromise that finally decided the dispute between the powerful and compact Zoom'om. With its rather modest size of 105.9 h67, 3h37, 9 mm and weighing 215g camera is equipped with a lens focal length range, which is 28 - 504 mm in 35mm equivalent, which means it has a 18x optical Zoom. But one of the lens enough to get good shots.

Camera Sony RX100

60 000 ₽
Gadgets ▶ Digital cameras
Nikon Coolpix P500 - Compact high-performance camera that is aimed at advanced amateurs who, for whatever reason can not go to the "reflex", and for professional photographers who need a spare camera to a failure of the primary. The model is equipped with 1 / 2, 3-inch type CMOS sensor resolution of 12.1 megapixels, which implemented the technology back illumination, which is good for shooting in low light.