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Demonstration of price-list with page total and "Checkout" button

This demonstration of the price list with the calculation of total amount per page and "Checkout" button for adding all selected products on a page to the shopping cart and making order. Select the required products, select the product attributes and click "Checkout" button to add the selected item to the shopping cart and make an order. Click "Save selection" button to add selected products to the shopping cart before navigating to the next page with other products.


Tubes ▶ Tubes

ImageName D/ThLength (m)Select qtyTotalTotal weigth
Steel tube 4
Steel tube 4
$ 0.00 0.00g

Furniture ▶ Alina

Name Select qtyPropertyPrice
Алина 55 - зеркало
  $ 300.00
Алина 55 - тумба + раковина Roberto
  $ 400.00
Алина B3 - шкаф навесной
  $ 500.00

Furniture ▶ Aqwella

Name Select qtyPropertyPrice
АртДеко 65 - зеркало
  $ 200.00
АртДеко 65 - тумба + раковина Domus
  $ 300.00
Total per page :    $ 0.00