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communicator HTC Sensation

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The Sensation has shouldered its way to the front of HTC's Android smart-phone pack, sporting sky-high specs and a refreshed version of the company's much-loved Sense user interface. It looks very much like the rest of HTC's line-up, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. At the time of writing, the Sensation is available exclusively on Vodafone, but it will spread to other networks in a matter of weeks.
$ 431.84

communicator Highscreen Cosmo Duo

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The "Vobis Computer" company announced the low price Android Smartphone "Highscreen Ciosmo" this mobile device has support tow SIM-cards but this device has no support for music. Taiwan
$ 106.24

communicator Acer Liquid E S100 Froyo

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Socialize in high definition - The Acer Liquid E equipped with Android 2.2 Froyo, even more easy-to-use features and ultra-smart menus. With ultra-fluid, high-definition multimedia, stunningly fast applications and endless socializing on the go, this is the phone that will take your social and multimedia worlds into a new dimension. This is Liquid. Only better.
$ 173.12