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navigator Ritmix RGP-585

Gadgets ▶ GPS navigators

BLADE GC is a leading Russian distributor of famous world hi-tech brands since 1996. The following manufacturers had granted BLADE exclusive rights for their electronics wholesale trade in Russia:
$ 66.40

navigator Digma DS502N

Gadgets ▶ GPS navigators

Navigator Digma DS502N equipped with the latest GPS-processor, through which the model works very quickly and smoothly. The device looks very elegant, it is equipped with TFT-LCD touch "without skirting," with a completely flat front. The advantages of Digma DS502N include increased productivity, lower power consumption, low start-up time in cold start mode.
$ 49.44

navigator Ritmix RGP-590

Gadgets ▶ GPS navigators

Ritmix RGP-590 - Russia's first GPS-navigator with built-in 3G-modem and all the ensuing consequences. In addition, it is equipped with GSM / GPRS-module by means of which can receive information about traffic jams and play the role of mobile phones, and GPS-module SiRF Atlas V. Therefore, the device can easily create a route to your destination on the first request of the owner, who was waiting for maps of cities in Russia "Navitel Navigator 5" in the kit.
$ 117.60