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netbook MSI Wind U135DX-2694

Computers ▶ Netbooks

The U135DX is available in black, white, silver, blue, red and pink versions. The screen's bezel has rounded edges that should stop this netbook poking you through your handbag or rucksack. The plastic chassis has the same rounded appearance. The only stylistically interesting features on the inside of the machine are an asterisk-shaped power light and a chrome click button on the trackpad.
$ 174.24

netbook Toshiba NB550D-10Q

Computers ▶ Netbooks

The Toshiba NB550D might not look special from the outside, but it
$ 220.64

netbook Samsung N100-MA01

Computers ▶ Netbooks

Despite weighing just 1.03kg, the integration of Samsung`s scratch-resistant Duracase ensures the Samsung N100 is durable and robust. The device delivers long-lasting reliability, which has been demonstrated through an exhaustive testing process. This durable portability ensures the device can be used for long stretches whilst on-the-move. However durability doesn`t have to come at the cost of design and the N100 is stylish and elegant and available in either black or white.
$ 127.84